ESBB 2013, Verona, Italy

ESBB 2013, Verona, Italy.

Listen to our biobanking session at the ESBB Biobanking Workshop:

  • Speaker: James Craven,
  • Date & Time: Friday 11th October 2013, 10.30am
  • Location: Room CW-10 in the Gran Guardia conference centre
  • Title: “Creating a reliable solution for a Scalable automated Biobank”

The workshop will discuss the use of pneumatics to replace complex mechanics and ensures a “best practice” approach to biobanking, ensuring robustness and sample integrity whilst providing the ability to grow your library cost-effectively when needs demand. The discussion will include the following topics:

  • Consumable standardisation
  • Automation Flexibitiliy
  • True -20 to -80° C modularity
  • Integration of TTP Labtech Biobanking solution within current Biobanking workflows

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