PEGS Europe, Lisbon, Portugal

Venue: Epic Sana Lisboa Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal
Date: 31 Oct – 4 Nov 2016
Booth: 39

Join us at PEGS Europe

Meet the team at the largest European event covering all aspects of protein and antibody engineering!

We be will showcasing mirrorball, our versatile, high sensitivity, plate-based laser scanning cytometer optimised for antibody discovery and launching our NEW sol-R coded beads for multiplexed fluorescence-based ELISAs and cell-based assays.
Download the brochure here or visit booth #39 to find out more!

Join us for the sol-R microplate launch dinner Tuesday, 1st November!

What’s next? Click here to register your interest in TTP Labtech’s new sol-R 384-well microplate.

Don’t miss the presentation by UCB-Celltech’s Dr. Niccolo Pengo, entitled:
‘Deeper profiling of antibodies during high throughput antibody discovery’

UCB’s antibody discovery platform allows efficient mining of the natural antibody repertoire to identify novel therapeutic molecules. In addition to target binding, antibodies must often possess an array of properties such as ligand blocking, cross-reactivity, or modulation of cell function. We will present our efforts to identify such properties earlier in the screening cascade to facilitate isolation of the rarest B cell clones producing the desired antibody.

Dr. Niccolo Pengo works at UCB-Celltech in the Core Antibody Discovery Group where he is involved in the discovery of antibodies to a range of therapeutic targets. He obtained his PhD from the San Raffaele University in Milan with studies on antibody immune responses in 2012. He then joined the Translational Research Resource Center at University College London investigating the molecular regulation of autophagy before moving to UCB in early 2016.

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Click here for more information on mirrorball’s no-wash, multiplex immunodetection capabilities

MB no-wash multiplex graphic