meet mosquito at ASHG 2016

Venue: Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, Canada
Date: 18 Oct – 22 Oct 2016
Booth: 1326

focus on mosquito liquid handlers at ASHG 2016

The ASHG Annual Meeting is the largest human genetics meeting and exposition in the world.  Come and visit our team and learn more about our liquid handlers  that can provide you with precise and repeatable nanolitre pipetting, every time, irrespective of liquid viscosity or environmental conditions.

Meet our experts at booth #1326:

  • Soheila Vaezeslami, PhD – sr. field application scientist
  • Melanie Adams-Cioaba, PhD – business development | genomics

Poster title: Automated, Low-cost and Low-Input RNA-Seq and DNAseq Library Preps

>>Read the abstract here

mosquito liquid handlers for genomics


  • superior accuracy and precision coupled with high speed transfers using true positive displacement pipetting technology
  • reduce sample and reagent requirements to 20 pg or less of nucleic acid and up to 50-fold reduction in reagents
  • no cross-contamination, no carryover with our low-cost disposable pipettes
  • be in control with the simple software interface by easily creating new protocol

application areas
low volume liquid handling with mosquito HTS, HV and X1

  • synthetic & molecular biology: High-throughput, miniaturised reactions for PCR, cloning and DNA assembly with mosquito
  • nucleic acid sequencing: Low cost, low volume library preparation for single cell analysis, including DNAseq, RNAseq and normalisation
  • gene expression profiling: Cost-effective, high-throughput analysis of mRNA with rapid qPCR set-up

>>Get our latest app note here: This application note presents a high-throughput, miniaturised workflow, in which differentiated pancreatic stems cells were studied using single-cell RNA-Seq (scRNA-Seq), in Dr. Louise Laurent’s lab at University of California, San Diego, USA.

>>Watch our free on-demand tutorial here: Low-volume, automated single cell RNA-seq library preparation

>>Read the latest JALA publication here: Miniaturization Technologies for Efficient Single-Cell Library Preparation for Next-Generation Sequencing

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