ease the flow of cytometry & imaging at ELRIG

Venue: GlaxoSmithKline, Stevenage, UK
Date: 22 Nov – 23 Nov 2016
Booth: A5

Join us at the 5th Biennial Pharmaceutical Flow Cytometry and Imaging meeting

We’ll be showcasing our plate-based mirrorball fluorescence cytometer, the perfect compliment for your flow cytometer!
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Designed for discovery, with mirrorball you can:

  • improve your workflow efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • gain data-driven decisions faster (just 12 mins for a 96-, 384- and 1536-well plate)
  • analyse beads, suspension cells and adherent cells without having to suspend
  • eliminate delays from flow cell clogging
  •  use just 500 cells per assay to enable primary cell screening
  • automate for walk-away robotic operation

Our team can also discuss with you our instruments used for:

  • flexible sample management workflows from ambient to -80°C (comPOUND, arktic, lab2lab)
  • unique low volume liquid handling for NGS, compound screening and MALDI-TOF (mosquito, dragonfly).

For more information about the 5th Pharmaceutical Flow Cytometry & Imaging meeting, please click here!


Want to see more process efficiencies?

>> Download our app note – phenotypic screening using a homogenous RSV neutralisation assay

This application note describes a simple, safe and robust high throughput screening approach for identifying neutralizing antibodies against respiratory syncytial virus using a plate-based cytometry approach.

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