Full recap of this years DOT2016

Thanks to everyone who spoke with us at #BostonDOT16

In case you missed it, you can find a full recap!

Our Head of Applications, Dr. Paul Wylie presented a lecture, ameon: Flexyte Protein Interaction Assays, on the 21st September and he also presented our poster (#160) all week: Multiplexed cell- and bead-based assays in a no-wash format for biologics screening and characterization

We showcased our answers to challenges in which are common in drug target screening applications.

mirrorball no-wash cytometry – download the brochure here

  • homogeneous hands-off protocols
  • productive multiplexed assays
  • simple template-driven software
  • reliable plate-based no clogging design

mosquito low-volume liquid handlers – download the brochure here

  • true positive displacement pipetting
  • low dead volume
  • flexible plate types
  • fast throughput within 25-1500 nL volume range

sample storage – download the brochure here

  • arktic the -80°C store
  • comPOUND the -20°C store
  • flexible modular system
  • secure double refrigeration system
  • small footprint, high density storage
  • sample tracking & LIMS integration