blog: Get bitten by the bug at AGBT this year

Get bitten by the bug at AGBT this year

The AGBT conference is the place to be this month for both showcasing and discovering the latest research and technologies making a splash in genomics right now.

With TTP Labtech’s foot now firmly in the door of genomics with our mosquito® and dragonfly® liquid handlers and arktic sample management platform, this is an exciting event for us this year.

We will have many examples of how the mosquito and dragonfly ranges are accelerating genomics research at our home for the conference, room 322, floor 3. Activities will include new poster presentations, application notes, information about technology partners and live demos.

Just for fun.…mosquito lucky dip promotion!

Watch mosquito in action and have a flutter yourself! Any visitor to TTP Labtech can pick 3 microtiter plate wells into which mosquito will dispense coloured liquids from a sealed plate. Match two or three of the colours and you win a prize! All attempts will be entered into a final prize draw for a MAVIC PRO drone camera and 15% off your first mosquito. Join the mosquito club!

Please don’t be shy!

We want to meet as many of you as possible and will be working to take over room 322, floor 3, TTP Labtech’s base for the conference, with a relaxed, open house atmosphere. Speak to our experienced team, including applications scientists who have spent the last few years supporting integration of the mosquitos into genomics laboratories.

Finally, you are invited to join the TTP Labtech team for a night of drinks, fine food and good cheer at the conference dinner party on Monday, 14th February 5 – 7:30 pm, room #322 floor 3.


Read on for more information on new material we are presenting at AGBT this year:

Poster presentation by Dr Peter Ellis at The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (Cambridge, UK):

‘Accurate quantitation and normalisation of genomic DNA for high-throughput DNA library construction’

The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute receives up to 20,000 DNA samples each month, the majority of which are destined to be processed through its high-throughput sequencing pipelines.  In order to allow the slick passage of samples through these workflows, it is vitally important that the samples are accurately quantified and robustly normalised to target concentration and volume, especially working with highly variable starting material. Dr Ellis describes an accurate, scalable, inexpensive workflow centred around automated pipetting of DNA and reagents using the mosquito in conjunction with fluorescent DNA analysis; resulting in precise, high-throughput quantitation and normalisation.

Poster presentation by Dr Melanie Adams, TTP Labtech, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm, Tuesday 14th Feb:

Miniaturization and automation of CEL-Seq2 and SMARTer-Seq using the mosquito HTS liquid handler’

Learn how to miniaturise genomics workflows such as NGS library prep and single cell genomics using validated protocol with SMART-seq and CEL-seq cDNA synthesis, and Nextera XT library prep. We’re presenting two very different two single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) protocols currently in use at the Max Planck Institute and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The setup allows for high-throughput parallel processing of single cells on 384-well plates with a significant reduction in reaction volume and hands on time, while maintaining or improving excellent data quality compared with manual liquid handling steps.

The Max Planck Institute workflow was recently published in Cell as part of a study into polypoid macrophage fate in granulomas ( The MIT are using their new workflow to power through the many scRNA-seq projects run at the BioMicro Center, MIT’s busy integrated core genomics facility.

Hot off the press

Our brand new application note mosquito liquid handlers for high-quality, miniaturised single-cell RNA-seq workflows: A case study from Stanford University School of Medicine’ will be available AGBT. The case study describes a high-throughput, miniaturised workflow using the mosquito X1 and  HTS to study pluripotent cell differentiation during mesoderm development using single-cell RNA-Seq (scRNA-Seq) recently published in Cell ( The publication maps the stepwise gene expression of human embryogenesis, boosting our understanding of human development and opening up new possibilities for regenerative medicine

 TTP Labtech partnership with Advanced Analytical

With this and other examples of the synergy between TTP Labtech’s mosquito and Advanced Analytical’s Fragment Analyser being highlighted, AGBT is the perfect place to discover more about our growing partnership with Advanced Analytics. Talk to our experts and learn more about what’s possible when combining mosquito miniaturisation and automation with Fragment Analyzer high-accuracy quantitation and scalability.

What next?

As well as highlighting the workflows we know that the mosquito and dragonfly can improve, we will also be asking ‘what next?’ for our tireless workhorse technology.

Because we are always looking to find new applications and opportunities to put our technology to work in your laboratories, we invite you to come and find us to see just how easy it is to miniaturise and automate existing genomics workflows to save you time, reagents and money.

Can’t make the show? Don’t miss out! Follow us on Twitter for feeds from the show #agbt17.

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