blog: When you couldn’t possibly choose the best one!

Travel Grant and Poster Award Winners!

At TTP Labtech, we are committed to aiding in the advancement of scientific discovery. As such, we recently launched two award programs. The first being a £500 travel grant, and the second, a £250 poster award. What an amazing response we had!

We received some really fantastic abstracts from researchers all over the world. Reading through them, I was really impressed with the level of detail some of the applicants went into. There really is a lot of great work happening. Luckily, picking the winner was done by random selection and I didn’t actually have to pick the best one. I don’t think I could have chosen with so many wonderful submissions!

So what were the most commonly mentioned research terms in these submissions?

Here’s a Wordle to help us analyse the response data, as you can see, cells are certainly a hot topic, with cancer studies coming in a close second!

wordleSo who are our lucky winners this time?

We are absolutely thrilled to announce our first two winners and share their submissions with you. Congratulations to Ana Isabel Matos, winner of the travel award, and Carlos Perez Arques, winner of the poster award!

Join us next week when we’ll share their research aims with you!


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