Full recap of this years SLAS2017!

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth! Here’s our recap of SLAS2017…

Making its premiere at SLAS 2017, dragonfly discovery – set to be a game-changing solution to challenges in assay development and high throughput screening!

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If you missed our workshop: Assay development into HTS: redefining reagent dispensing

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Melanie Leveridge
Head Screening, Profiling & Mechanistic Biology UK, RD Platform Technology & Science, GSK Medicines Research Centre

Joby Jenkins
Director, Product Strategy, TTP Labtech

Abstract: The complexities of assay development and challenges associated with validating and transferring assays into HTS are well-known bottlenecks in the drug discovery process. Industry experts from GSK and TTP Labtech will discuss how these concerns could be addressed by user-friendly, low volume liquid handling instruments that significantly reduce assay development time and greatly improve assay robustness in screening.  dragonfly discovery gives scientists a common platform whereby they can easily develop complex assays and screen those assays in a robust and cost efficient manner.

We showcased our solutions for sample management, liquid handling and detection instrumentation which are ideally suited for use in:

Target Discovery  – simple answers from complex biology

  • arktic – biological library -80°C automated storage
  • mosquito – low-cost, low-volume NGS library prep
  • acumen Cellista – genome-wide library profiling
  • comPOUND – rapid automated delivery from -20°C storage

Assay development – develop complex assays, faster

  • dragonfly discovery – automated multi-channel assay development and validation for HTS
  • mosquito – low-volume compound addition and dilution
  • acumen Cellista – high-content phenotypic screens
  • mirrorball –no-wash, multi-target immunoassays

High-throughput screening – robust and cost effective screening

  • dragonfly discovery – robust, accurate and reliable HTS dispensing
  • mosquito – simple assay ready plate creation and reformatting
  • acumen Cellista – practical uHTS phenotypic screening
  • mirrorball – multiplexed, no-wash immunoassays
  • comPOUND – rapid automated delivery from -20°C storage

Hit-to-lead – progress with confidence

  • dragonfly discovery –  complex assay setup and screening
  • mosquito – low-volume hit picking and serial dilutions
  • acumen Cellista – multiplexed cell heath, multi-parameter 3D assays
  • mirrorball – multiplexed cell-based hit characterisation
  • comPOUND – compact, high-speed cherry picking -20°C storage

Read our posters that we presented at SLAS2017: