Discover effective biobanking at ISBER 2017!

Discover effective biobanking at ISBER 2017!

Venue:   Toronto, Canada
Date:       09 May -12 May 2017
Booth:   #30

Snapshot presentation by Paul Lomax: Counting the Costs: The True Price of Manual and Automated Cold Storage

This year ISBER’s Annual Meeting theme is Due North: Aligning Biobanking Practice with Evolving Evidence and Innovation.

Effective design and management of compound collections is crucial to the success of research efforts in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Agri-Science industries. In addition, academic organisations are establishing comprehensive compound management infrastructures to help realise their target validation and drug discovery goals.

TTP Labtech’s unique pneumatic technology uses a cushion of compressed air or nitrogen and a system of flexible tubes to transport microtubes. This makes our instrumentation extremely reliable and robust compared to traditional systems that use robots. Our modular stores, comPOUND® and arktic®, also minimise the use of moving parts that can malfunction in refrigerated conditions and our proven technology ensures that users will have maximum uptime and availability of their systems.

Downstream automation platforms such as our range of mosquito® liquid handlers can be used more efficiently by delivering samples to specific SBS rack locations, thereby avoiding the need for additional re-arraying steps.

Visit our booth and speak to our experts about how comPOUND® and arktic® can future proof your collection.

Or download our new Dart NeuroScience LLC (DNS; San Diego, CA) case study:
comPOUND: intelligent management – moving compounds seamlessly

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