Join us at the Norwich Single Cell Symposium 2017!

Join us at the Norwich Single Cell Symposium 2017!

Venue: Earlham Institute, Norwich, UK
Date: 8th May 2017

Join us for a day of talks and discussion on the development and application of new technologies to decode life at the single cell level and discover how our range of mosquito® liquid handlers can advance your research!

TTP Labtech’s mosquito is an essential tool for miniaturising reaction volumes by up to 90% for a wide range of genomics workflows. Read the scientific studies using the mosquito HTS to discover how this resulted in higher throughput and greater statistical power.

Benefit from:

  • accuracy and precision with nanolitre to microlitre volumes
  • accurately handle any liquids with high viscosity, such as enzymes in glycerol or genomic DNA
  • no-cross-contamination or carryover
  • future-proof open platform

Learn more from these peer reviewed articles:

>> Discover the mosquito liquid handlers for accurate, miniaturised genomics workflows

For more information, visit the Norwich Single Cell Symposium website here