Have you met dragonfly discovery? Join us at MipTec 2017

Come and see the team at MipTec 2017, booth #A26

Venue: Congress Center Basel, Switzerland
Date: 10 – 13 September 2017
Booth: #A26

Join us at this years MipTec and hear about the game-changing solution to challenges in assay development and high throughput screening – meet dragonfly discovery… any liquid, any volume, any well, any time!

dragonfly discovery gives scientists a common platform whereby they can easily develop complex assays, validate and screen them in a reliable, robust and cost efficient manner. Watch the video and discover dragonfly discovery’s innovative technology!

Watch the SelectScience interview with our Director, Product Strategy, Joby Jenkins about dragonfly discovery!

We will also be showcasing mirrorball, our high sensitivity fluorescence cytometer and introducing our new sol-R reagent kits. – Assay ready kits co-developed with Abcam for multiplexed screening assays!

mirrorball is a is a highly versatile instrument that brings process efficiencies to multiple stages in the biologics screening pipeline – from early screening and hit identification, through to characterisation and phenotypic cellular responses.

Find out more about the mirrorball technology here!

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Check in again soon for more information on what we will be showcasing and more!

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