We hope to see you at PEGS Europe 2017!

Stop by booth #43 for PEGS Europe 2017 and discover mirrorball for yourself

Venue: EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal
Date: 13 -17 Nov 2017
Booth: 43

PEGS Europe is the largest European event covering all aspects of protein and antibody engineering and our team of experts will be on hand to discuss with you the benefits of mirrorball our high sensitivity fluorescence cytometer.

Look out for our poster and talk:

Title: Simultaneous determination of antibody binding, specificity and titer on the mirrorball fluorescence cytometer
Authors: Paul. G Wylie and Anne F. Hammerstein – TTP Labtech


Engineering Antibodies

The antibody discovery process relies on consecutive screens to test the same antibody sample for (1) binding affinity, (2) target specificity and (3) antibody titer. Conventionally such screens are done by ELISA or flow cytometry, but both techniques have technical limitations that restrict their utility in high-throughput screening environments such as: lengthy complex assay protocols, restricted multiplexing capability for ELISA and low throughput capacity for flow cytometry.

Here we present a simple homogenous (no-wash) assay to multiplex these three screens into one, to identify antibody samples binding to a target cell line, non-specific binding to a control cell line and antibody titer by binding to a bead. Such a setup allows clear distinction between affinity and titer, which is easily obscured in singleplex experiments. The assay protocol was set up in 384-well plates, then read and analysed using the mirrorball fluorescence cytometer.

The process efficient (no-wash) assay format offered by the mirrorball minimises operator “hands-on” time and is compatible with simple liquid handling dispensers for setup. This multiplexed screening method is ideal for accelerating the pace of antibody screening, whilst minimising costs.

 Watch the video below and find out more about mirrorball and our revolutionary sol-R reagents and kits

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