We will be at Single Cell Genomics 2017!

See you at Single Cell Genomics 2017 and discover how mosquito liquid handlers can  work in a wide range of genomics applications!

Venue: The David Lopatie Conference Centre, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Date: 16 – 18 Oct 2017

The conference will bring together many of the pioneers and leading experts in the field to three days of extensive, interdisciplinary and informal discussion.

We will be showcasing our mosquito liquid handling robots (single, 8- or 16-channel; volume range 25 -1200 nL or 0.5 – 5 µL) which can be used for miniaturising a wide range of genomics applications:

  • Next-Generation Sequencing – Low-cost, low-volume library preparation, including magnetic bead clean-up and normalisation; validated with market leading kits including Illumina Nextera XT.
  • Single Cell Genomics – miniaturised cDNA synthesis, whole genome amplification and library prep.
  • Synthetic & molecular biology – High-throughput, miniaturised reactions for PCR, cloning and DNA assembly.
  • Gene expression profiling – Cost-effective, high-throughput analysis of mRNA expression with rapid qPCR set-up.

At final volumes of 5 μL or less, miniaturised workflows can reduce sample preparation costs by 90% or more, while providing increased throughput, process control and standardisation.

Find out how GeneMill (University of Liverpool) managed to increase their throughput of the standard synthetic biology workflow in our latest application note >> Get the app note here

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