EMBL, Hamburg

EMBL Hamburg has established a fully automated platform for the high-throughput crystallisation of biological macromolecules in order to address a common bottleneck in x-ray crystallography. The services of this HTX Lab facility are available to the general user community on a fee basis, including low volume crystallisation screening using 23 commercial screens, large storage capacity at 19ºC, and sophisticated automated imaging using Vis/UV to distinguish between organic and inorganic crystals (on demand).

The HTX Lab uses TTP Labtech’s mosquito® LCP to provide high throughput, automated plate preparation for hanging drop and sitting drop, as well as seeding or additive screening. It also includes an LCP module for handling viscous membrane protein crystallisation set-ups. The arrival of mosquito has significantly expanded the number of experiments that can be set up.

The HTX Lab performs thermofluor assays and a MALDI-TOF analysis systematically on every sample processed at the crystallisation platform. A transnational access initiative (BioStruct-X) within the European Framework Program 7 may provide free access to advanced infrastructures and core facilities. Under BioStruct-X, scientists working in publicly funded laboratories of EU member states can submit samples for fully automated crystallization to the HTX Lab in Hamburg.

EMBL Hamburg’s HTX Lab can be contacted at spc@embl-hamburg.de

Website link: https://htx.embl-hamburg.de/htxlab/