In 2009, the Horsham sector of Novartis Global Discovery Chemistry initiated a project with TTP Labtech to develop a system to automate sample analysis, connecting remote medicinal chemistry labs to instruments in a central analytical laboratory.

Using TTP Labtech’s lab2lab, chemical analysis can be performed without the scientist having to leave the bench. This significantly reduces the time involved in manual sample transport and queues for preferred instruments as samples are automatically distributed equally between instruments.

The early phase of the lab2lab system integration involved the linking of six medicinal chemistry laboratories to a Waters Acquity UPLC-MS and an Agilent HPLC instruments for reaction monitoring. Further expansion linked two additional Waters Acquity UPLC-MS instruments, one normal phase HPLC and two SFC HPLCs. These analyzers were existing instrumentation owned by Novartis and did not require modification to integrate them with the lab2lab system.

In this study, samples were submitted to these instruments by more than 50 scientists working in these laboratories.

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