DNA storage

Robust DNA storage is an essential requirement for academic research facilities and drug discovery companies involved in screening and diagnostics, and also for service industries providing high quality research materials. Laboratories may also require short term DNA storage until large enough sample numbers are obtained for bulk screening or for transfer to other resources or long term storage.

As high quality, long-term storage of DNA material is key to downstream applications such as PCR, qPCR, SNP analysis or Next Generation Sequencing, the storage of high quality and valuable DNA samples for research, screening and diagnostics is a major concern.

Recommendations by the DNA Bank Network and ISBER highlight that long term storage of DNA samples in buffer should be carried out at -80°C or below.

TTP Labtech’s arktic -80°C biobank adds to the company’s compound storage portfolio, providing low footprint, high density storage with the ability to cherry pick samples from store, maintaining unselected samples at the required storage temperatures.

The ability to easily integrate these biobanking solutions into high throughput processe automation in today‘s drug discovery industry makes TTP Labtech a leader in this field.

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