RNA storage

Technologies requiring RNA storage are widely used in academic research, biotechnology and drug discovery, facilitating the study of gene function and the activity of their products, alongside the discovery of novel therapeutic targets for several disease areas.

RNA storage needs to be robust and reliable, providing rapid and easy access to samples to service the increasing numbers and sizes of RNA libraries (such as siRNA libraries) in academic and pharmaceutical research, as well as rapidly expanding service industries offering an extensive range of screening services.

As specified by ISBER, long term storage of purified RNA (tRNA, mRNA, miRNA, siRNA) is at its most stable when stored at -80ºC, with storage at -20ºC being acceptable for the short term.

TTP Labtech’s comPOUND or arktic automated stores are capable of holding up to 10 times the number of samples of a standard, manual laboratory sized -80ºC freezer. Introducing automation to these manual processes significantly alleviates the tedium and potential errors associated with storage and retrieval of such large sample numbers, and increases throughputs.

TTP Labtech’s proprietary pneumatic transport technology minimises moving parts within comPOUND’s cold zone, providing robust storage and module longevity. Barcoded samples are easily tracked and logged. In addition, the ability to cherry-pick only those samples required for analysis eliminates unnecessary partial thawing, ensuring the integrity of samples remaining in the store.

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