tissue storage

The need for tissue storage has increased rapidly over the past ten years. Tissue samples include pathological specimens such as tumour biopsies as well as normal tissue samples. The ability to store high quality tissue samples is essential for a range of research applications such as: biomarker and epidemiological analysis, genotyping, regenerative medicine and molecular biology. It is also needed to provide relevant material for diagnostics, toxicology and drug discovery programmes.

The increasing number of tissue samples acquired over the life of a research group, or even as a service industry expands, places a strain on both existing -80ºC freezer capacity and the manual labour involved in the logging, storage and retrieval of these samples.

TTP Labtech’s -80ºC arktic automated, high density biobank provides tissue storage with easy and rapid access to samples or sample groups for a range of research applications such as cell surface receptors, biomarkers or proteins, histology or extraction of DNA/RNA.

arktic provides a reliable, self contained facility for tissue storage which promotes sample integrity by giving users the ability to cherry pick individual samples from the store without exposing unselected samples to unnecessary freeze/thaw cycles.

The ability to easily integrate these biobanking solutions into high throughput processes automation in today‘s drug discovery industry makes TTP Labtech a leader in this field.

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