cell biology

Major areas of cell biology research for the elucidation of disease mechanisms and drug discovery are study of cell structure and function, such as cell surface receptors, cell metabolism and homeostasis, and intra-cellular pathways and communication.

It is generally recognized that the study of cellular systems provides superior quality data to biochemical assays. The ability to study the molecular effects of a compound in a specific and relevant cellular context is of great advantage in the drug discovery process.

Cell-based assays have been successfully adapted to the high content screening (HCS) environment of today’s drug discovery industry, using a range of cell reagents (recombinant cells, antibodies, fluorescent probes, siRNA etc) and automated cell-based assay platforms, which employ a range of detection modes such as fluorescence, electrophysical or imaging readouts.

TTP Labtech’s instrumentation can help automate and take the tedium out of routine plate set-up, assay development and screening in the cell biology application areas.

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