cell based assays

Cell based assays are employed in many research areas, providing knowledge about biological targets and pathways in the context of the whole cell. The method of using laser scanning imaging cytometry in screening assays is used routinely to gain information about potential disease mechanisms and the efficacy of novel therapeutic compounds, peptides and RNAi, in vitro toxicology and more recently for stem cell research.

Laser scanning imaging cytometers are popular for screening cell based assays as they provide high throughput, High Content Analysis (HCA) of entire wells in a single shot. Multiple cell measurements are possible including:

  • multivariate readout for individual cells
  • identification, isolation and measurement of cell subpopulations

TTP Labtech’s  acumen® Cellista provides flexible, routine analysis for rapid early stage screening. With unrivalled data acquisition times and whole well scanning capabilities statistically robust data can be rapidly generated across the entire well.

Simplicity of assay for a wide range of cellular events including:

  • cell cycle analysis
  • colony formation and mobility
  • angiogenesis
  • protein translocation
  • apoptosis
  • cell health
  • chemotaxis

acumen Cellista’s easy to use, rapid, high content screening enables better decision making and increased productivity in the drug discovery pathway.

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