The automation of protein crystallography screening has made a significant contribution to the rapid expansion of crystallography-based structural biology. Obtaining crystals large enough for X-ray diffraction studies can be a time and cost intensive process, as an extensive number of screening and optimisation experiments need to be carried out in order to determine ideal conditions for crystal growth.

Automated liquid handlers such as TTP Labtech’s mosquito Crystal and mosquito LCP improve the accuracy, reproducibility and throughput of protein crystallography screens, reducing  labour intensive plate preparation for screening, optimisation and scale up and also eliminating manual pipetting errors – essential to experimental reproducibility.

Automated and precise nanoliter volume pipetting and highly accurate drop placement of the highly viscous solutions used in protein crystallography enables miniaturisation of screen set-up, saving valuable protein and increasing the number of screening conditions per protein sample.

Liquid handling robots offer time savings, consistency between replicates and reproducibility between experiments which were previously unachievable using manual screening methods.

TTP Labtech’s mosquito Crystal and mosquito LCP can be used successfully throughout all stages of protein crystallisation process, from screen set-up and optimisation through to scale up.

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