in meso screen set-up

Membrane proteins perform a wide variety of biological functions and represent over 50% of drug discovery targets. Due to their native environment within the lipid bilayer of the cell membrane, these proteins are more difficult to purify and crystallise than soluble proteins, requiring lipids or detergents to retain their structural integrity.

The in meso (lipidic cubic phase or LCP) crystallisation technique, which employs highly viscous lipid mesophases to contain the membrane proteins for crystallisation, has revolutionised membrane protein crystallography.

These viscous lipid solutions can prove difficult to handle during the incorporation of protein and subsequent mixing, as well as for accurate dispensing and precise drop positioning.

TTP Labtech’s mosquito LCP offers a fully automated solution to LCP screening. It easily handles the viscous lipid/protein phase with fast throughput, high precision and unrivalled reproducibility. Incorporating all the features of mosquito Crystal, mosquito LCP pipettes nanolitre volumes of buffer, protein samples and precipitating solutions to reduce the amount of valuable sample needed, therefore allowing for an increased range of screening conditions.

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