microbatch screen set-up

The microbatch or “under oil” method of crystallisation is a technique often employed for difficult to crystallise proteins or for small volume experiments. The technique involves the placement of protein and crystallisation reagent drops under a layer of oil. It can prove advantageous, as it prevents rapid dehydration of the protein. In some studies, the use of microbatch technique during the initial screening stage has resulted in more hits being found and superior crystals for data collection being produced.

TTP Labtech’s mosquito Crystal can be easily employed for automated microbatch screen set up, ensuring greater throughput and accuracy. The multi-aspirate, dispense and drop mixing capabilities of mosquito Crystal are perfect for microbatch set up. These enable both protein and screen solutions to be aspirated consecutively, within the same tip, and then be pipetted directly through oil to ensure that screen and protein drops always combine.

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