high throughput screening

High throughput screens (HTS) routinely require low volume dispensing technologies to reduce assay costs by minimising reagent and sample usage for a wide range of applications within academia and the drug discovery industry.

Automated dispensing reduces the tedium and repetitiveness and potential for error inherent in manual pipetting. This allows the set up and study of large numbers of microplates or microtubes for large scale screening studies.

TTP Labtech’s mosquito liquid handling portfolio offers high speed, highly accurate and precise low volume pipetting of compounds, solvents or proteins – irrespective of viscosity or environmental conditions. TTP Labtech’s unique positive displacement technology combines accuracy and repeatability with zero sample cross contamination. It is used to provide automated liquid dispensing for a wide range of applications including: structure and function studies; chemical synthesis and compound screening; biological assays and proteomics/genomics.

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