compound screening

Compound screening is an essential part of the early stage of the drug discovery process, to identify molecules that have activity on specific drug targets. Compounds identified as “hits” are further optimized using traditional medicinal chemistry (combinatorial chemistry) to determine chemical groups responsible for evoking a target biological effect or structure-activity-relationships (SAR).

With such large numbers of compounds and chemical entities in compound libraries, the removal and handling of large numbers of samples from stores for assay set up can be a complex and time consuming process.

TTP Labtech’s self-contained biobanking modules, comPOUND and arktic, can be placed in remote locations to maximise valuable laboratory space. Using TTP Labtech’s pneumatic transport technology, sample tubes can be rapidly selected and transported to any laboratory without the need for manual intervention, thus improving the research workflow.

Aliquot transfer from stock plates or vials, serial dilution and plate preparation and replication require accurate but repetitive and time consuming pipetting, as well as meticulous sample labelling, tracking and management. As such, the ability to automate sample dispensing and processing is invaluable, providing reproducible and accurate volumes and significantly decreasing the turn-around time from compound synthesis to assay ready plate production.

TTP Labtech’s mosquito range of liquid handlers allow rapid, accurate, reproducible nanolitre volume compound dispensing for high speed plate set-up, irrespective of viscosity or environmental conditions.

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