phenotypic screening – ebook

The realisation that more first-in-class drugs have been discovered by phenotypic screening than by target-based screening has led the industry to revise the strategy for identifying new drug candidates. The emergence of novel technologies and, advances in cell imaging have made it possible to re-consider phenotypic screening as a serious contender for drug development.

Our e-book, put together in collaboration with Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News is devoted to phenotypic screening. It discusses the use of 3D cell cultures as a better screening model for evaluating new drug candidates. They more closely resemble the structure, activity and extracellular environment of tissues in vivo and therefore are more likely to be predictive of how cells will react in vivo.

Our interactive learning tool is available to download anywhere at any time and additional information can be found in the  interactive bonus videos and a recent poster of a high throughput screening method to analyse the growth of tumour spheroids and colonies.