The study of DNA, replication, transcription, translation and protein biosynthesis alongside cell signalling pathways and the regulation of these processes provide important information on cell function and cell interactions. The identification of genetic mutations and epigenetic changes involved in disease enables a further understanding of its pathology and the elucidation of potential molecular targets for drug intervention.

Many of the fundamental molecular biology tools and gene cloning techniques are used routinely in many areas of academic research and drug discovery. A number of automated platforms for nucleic acid extraction and purification, PCR, EST sequencing and DNA microarray technology have been incorporated successfully into the high throughput research environment of today’s pharmaceutical industry.

TTP Labtech’s automated liquid handling robots, mosquito HTS and HV can be used routinely for the high throughput set up of a range of assays in molecular biology.

Easily integrated into a wide range of platforms, TTP Labtech’s mosquito HTS and HV offer the reproducibility and accuracy of low-volume dispensing for assay set-up. TTP Labtech’s unique positive displacement technology ensures zero cross contamination between samples, with levels of accuracy and repeatability which are difficult to achieve using manual methods.

The main advantages of mosquito HTS liquid handler in molecular biology applications are:

  • reduced cost through miniaturisation of reagents and low cost of the instrument
  • lowering gDNA input: for example, from 50 ng to 1 ng or lower for Nextera; and from 1 ng to 40 pg or lower for Nextera XT sample prep kits
  • mix DNA and enzymes without shearing or frothing: gentle pipetting is essential to obtain high quality data from long fragment reads (>50kb)
  • fast, accurate and reliable low volume dispensing: mosquito HTS takes 3 mins to dispense into a 384-well plate

In addition, zero cross-contamination, simplicity of use, small footprint, and ease of integration with any automated process are of great importance in choosing mosquito for these workflows.

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