next generation sequencing

Next generation sequencing (NGS) describes a group of technologies or platforms which share a common technological feature—the ability to perform massive parallel sequencing of clonally amplified or single DNA molecules (sequencing hundreds of millions of short sequences (35bp-100bp) in a single run).

Developed over the past 7-8 years to replace the traditional time-consuming and costly Sanger chain termination method of DNA sequencing, NGS has significantly accelerated genomics research. Next generation sequencing technology not only reduces assay times and experimental labour but enables experiments to be carried out that were previously not technically feasible or affordable.

With most laboratories running hundreds of reactions at a time, automated liquid handling has become essential for accurate and reproducible results.

TTP Labtech’s mosquito portfolio of automated pipetting instruments offer reproducible and accurate low volume dispensing across a range of liquid viscosities – this is difficult to achieve using manual or traditional automated dispensing methods. mosquito’s disposable pipettes eliminate cross contamination and their gentle pipetting action results in less frothing/shearing of DNA compared to manual mixing.

TTP Labtech’s mosquito offers an accurate and easy to use solution which can be applied to miniaturising NGS reaction volumes within an automated, high throughput setting. It provides a unique opportunity to obtain the current level of data at a significantly lower cost, and/or to carry out larger scale studies at current costs.

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