qPCR and PCR set up

PCR and qPCR constitute one of the most widespread and core molecular biology techniques in use in molecular biology for the enzymatic amplification of DNA or RNA sequences today.

Indispensable in the academic and clinical environment, these technologies are employed in wide range of applications such as cloning, gene expression analysis, genotyping, sequencing, and mutagenesis for basic research, diagnostics, protein engineering, pharmacogenomics and drug discovery.

qPCR and PCR set-up requires considerable skill as even very small pipetting variations in a DNA or RNA sample translates into big differences after amplification.  With increasing demands for high throughput assays, manual liquid handling for PCR set-up becomes unfeasible, time consuming and prone to error.

TTP Labtech’s mosquito range of automated pipetting instruments are ideal for the handling of large sample numbers in qPCR and PCR set-up and screening assays, reducing manual set-up time of screening assays and the potential for error.

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