sample management

With the challenges of scientific research and drug discovery increasing in complexity and costs, pharmaceutical, biotech and academic organisations need to be able to maximize the efficiency of sample management systems to streamline research facilities.

The efficient use of scientific expertise and analytical instrumentation is vital. Rationalisation of research equipment over a research site often results in analytical instruments being housed in a central laboratory which can restrict the ease of access of such equipment to scientists, taking them away from their bench and disrupting the research process.

Efficient sample management systems are essential throughout the entire drug discovery pathway, from compound synthesis, analysis, storage, retrieval, liquid handling and sample processing as well as assay set up and analysis. Automation of these processes is key to reducing the challenges involves in the manual handling of large compound libraries and increasingly complex experiments, ensuring sample integrity, accurate data logging and experimental set-up.

TTP Labtech provides automated products and compact solutions for sample management, and liquid handling, catering for small and rapidly expanding research laboratories, and service industries as well as well-established pharmaceutical companies.

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