automated sample transport

The ability to automate sample transport from compound stores or biobanks between automated liquid dispensers for the dispensing and set up of analytical or cell based assays significantly increases the efficiency of modern drug discovery programmes today, reducing manual effort and sample handling time.

Sample vials need to be transported from compound stores to research areas, brought up to room temperature and centrifuged to maximize sample recovery. Tube caps need to be removed and samples dispensed for further analysis. The return of the remaining sample to store involves vial purging with inert gas, sealing and re-capping.

Following successful sample removal, liquid handling robots can be employed for serial dilutions, plate and assay set-up or sent for chemical analysis and/or quality control. Assays in turn can then be set-up and analysed using automated instruments for assay readout. The use of automated sample transport technology can significantly reduce manual effort required for moving sample tubes between laboratories and automated assay platforms.

TTP Labtech’s lab2lab provides on demand, reliable, secure and rapid microtube transfer between research and analytical instrumentation laboratories, allowing automated sample analysis using a wide range of analytical equipment.

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