compound management

Compound and biological libraries are fundamental tools in today’s drug discovery industry for the study of biological targets and the development of novel therapeutics. Compound management involves the need for accurate data logging and information management as well as maintaining stable and suitable environmental conditions to ensure sample integrity. With vast numbers of chemicals, small molecules, fragments, RNAi libraries, cell lines, tissues and proteins being synthesized or sourced, it is critical to have an efficient management system to ensure samples are logged, stored securely and are easily accessible. 

The high throughput environment of today’s drug discovery industry requires automated compound management systems capable of rapidly delivering and processing samples, to reduce or even eliminate the manual labour involved in sample retrieval, transport and liquid handling.

TTP Labtech provides a range of automated products and compact solutions for sample management and liquid handling, catering for small laboratories and rapidly expanding research groups, as well as larger established pharmaceutical establishments.

TTP Labtech provides automated products and compact solutions for the lab manager, fulfilling the potential for a fully automated drug discovery process.

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