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comPOUND: intelligent management – moving compounds seamlessly

As the search for new and better drugs intensifies, there is an increasing need … read more >

acumen: siRNA screening – from sample storage to phenotypic results

Typically siRNA screening programs are run using pooled sets of at least three siRNAs … read more >

acumen: eliminating false-negative hits in ATP‑luminescence viability screens by use of an alternative phenotypic approach with acumen Cellista

Many commonly used plate reader assays (e.g. ATPluminescence measurements) assume a linear relationship between … read more >

mirrorball: no-wash antibody titre determination on the mirrorball fluorescence cytometer

In this app note we describe the development of a  simple bead-based assay to determine … read more >

mirrorball: simultaneous determination of antibody binding, specificity and titer on the mirrorball fluorescence cytometer

Biologics such as antibodies are ideally suited for therapeutic use against cell-surface disease targets. … read more >

mosquito HTS: Nextera XT library preparation and magnetic bead clean up

This application note presents a high-throughput, miniaturised workflow, in which differentiated pancreatic stems cells … read more >

mirrorball: enhanced ELISA workflows with no-wash multiplexed fluorescent bead assays

This application note demonstrates the advantages of converting standard colorimetric ELISA kits to a no-wash bead-based immunosorbant … read more >

mosquito HTS: successful miniaturisation of molecular biology reaction volumes

This application note describes the benefits of using TTP Labtech’s mosquito HTS liquid handler … read more >

mirrorball: improving the reliability of cell-based immunoassay screening through multiplexing with mirrorball

In this application note we describe a homogeneous mirrorball antibody screening assay against a … read more >

acumen: accurate cytotoxicity and proliferation determination by high-throughput phenotypic screening (white paper)

ATP-luminescence has been shown to underestimate the potency and overestimate toxicity in cell viability … read more >