acumen: accurate cytotoxicity and proliferation determination by high-throughput phenotypic screening (white paper)

ATP-luminescence has been shown to underestimate the potency and overestimate toxicity in cell viability screens for certain compound classes, such as cytostatic drugs. TTP Labtech’s white paper shows how an alternative high content phenotypic assay can be used to:

  • determine compound mechanism of action to ensure you are not dismissing promising candidates
  • fulfil HTS workflow requirements; combining economical use of reagents and high density plates
  • give immediate results identifying true phenotypic changes
  • obtain in-depth data for confident decision making early in drug discovery

These benefits provide vital cost efficiencies and allow you to focus resources on progressing the right candidates. This white paper demonstrates an effective solution to prevent misleading cell viability results.

TTP Labtech’s acumen is a laser scanning imaging cytometer designed to provide single scan, whole well, content-rich cytometric and image-based analysis. Its F-theta lens gives a uniform illumination across the field of view with a large focussed depth of field, which enables high-throughput, whole well image acquisition across a range of plate types. acumen enables a wide range of fluorescent reagents to be combined in multicolour, multiplexed assays. Its easy-to-use, template-driven software offers an industry-proven route for quick adoption across a wide range of applications.