acumen: speeding up angiogenesis assays

With angiogenesis an increasing focus of cancer research, understanding the exact mechanisms of the process is becoming more and more critical to developing effective therapeutic agents. However, there are challenges to be met. Complex morphological assays such as angiogenic tube formation require large field of views to be analysed in order to gain robust, statistically significant data.

In a CCD-based imaging system, looking at a wider area can often result in very prolonged imaging times as their restricted field of view means multiple image captures are required for each well, and also for each colour. These images then need to be stitched together prior to actual data analysis, which also takes extra time.

The acumen Cellista laser scanning imager offers rapid whole well image acquisition regardless of plate type (24- to 1536-well plates). The acumen optics, where the field of view is 20 mm2, allow the entire well area to be rapidly imaged and processed, with whole plate read times of less than 5 minutes. This time also includes the export of whole well, OME-compliant TIFF images which can be further processed using third party image analysis software, allowing workflows that make use of your existing in-house imaging expertise.