acumen: rapid analysis of cell cycle phases

The effect of compounds on the cell cycle is widely studied in the drug discovery industry. The cell cycle is divided into two main “phases”: interphase and mitosis. Interphase is where the cell prepares for mitosis and it is divided into three sub-phases: G1, S, and G2. Movement across these phases is regulated by a number of complex signalling pathways. Mitosis is where the chromosomes in the nucleus separate into two identical sets (cell division).

Traditionally, cell cycle assays have been carried out using fluorescent dyes to stain for nuclear content using flow cytometry methods to quantify the amount of DNA. More recently however, research groups are using fluorescent imaging systems such as acumen hci for these studies, allowing rapid high-content screening of the effect of compounds on the cell cycle.

In this application note we demonstrate the use of fluorescent dyes to analyse the cell cycle phases of adherent HeLa cells in situ in 384-well plates using TTP Labtech’s acumen hci, which provides valuable secondary information by preserving morphological changes that may have occurred during drug treatment.