biobanking: TTP Labtech’s biological sample storage solutions

Since the early 1990’s biobanking has been evolving as a key resource, increasing the availability and dissemination of biological material, such as DNA, RNA, tissues and cells throughout biomedical research. Aside from large biobanking schemes set up by national and institutional biobanks (e.g. the UK Biobank and the NCI), there are currently a growing number of smaller research groups and companies needing low cost, compact, automated, secure biobanking facilities as their sample library increases.

TTP Labtech’s instruments can either stand as single self-contained modules or as part of a larger, linked library with higher throughputs. comPOUND and arktic can be located almost anywhere as they only require a dry compressed air or nitrogen supply and connect to a standard electricity supply. The state-of-the-art insulation ensures excellent energy efficiency. The cascade refrigeration system has built-in redundancy and/or liquid CO2 back-up for added security. Low noise fans are fitted as standard for improved operator comfort.