mirroball: simple competition binding assays with mirrorball

This technote describes the protocol for a simple bead-based antibody competition assay using TTP Labtech’s sol-R™ coded beads as an example assay format.

The mirrorball design, with its proprietary background rejection optics, facilitates the use of streamlined no-wash assay formats for cell-, or bead-based competition assays.

Together, TTP Labtech’s mirrorball and sol-R coded beads enable researchers to readily carry out no-wash competition assays at equilibrium in order to identify lead biologics candidates with the most appropriate target protein affinities.

  • simple no-wash homogeneous assay formats facilitate automation and decrease FTE “hands-on” time, freeing up time for other tasks
  • simple instrument set-up: no requirement for specialist operators or daily maintenance routines
  • simple no-fluidics design combined with no-wash assay protocols ensure binding equilibrium is maintained during plate reads for data robustness