mirrorball: multiplexed Fluorescence ELISA assays on mirrorball

In this application note, we demonstrate the transfer of standard commercially available colorimetric IL-8 and IL-6 ELISA kits onto a no-wash fluorescence based ELISA on the mirrorball. The resulting ELISA format offers significant process efficiency improvements through use of a single incubation step, without the requirement for wash steps, and is amenable to multiplexing.

Although ELISAs are very sensitive, they are time-consuming, require multiple separate wash steps and incubation steps and are not amenable to multiplexing.

TTP Labtech’s mirrorball facilitates transfer of ELISA to no-wash fluorescent ELISA assay format resulting in throughput and automation advantages:

  • single incubation step and no-washes required
  • smaller sample volume required due to assay miniaturisation
  • multiplexing capability gives more information per sample
  • overall process efficiency improvement freeing up valuable time and sample for other tests