mirrorball: improving the reliability of cell-based immunoassay screening through multiplexing with mirrorball

In this application note we describe a homogeneous mirrorball antibody screening assay against a membrane associated target, with the ability to discriminate between live and dead cells for enhanced data quality.

TTP Labtech’s mirrorball fluorescence cytometer enables users to gain quality decision making data fast for immunoassay screens through a combination of system and data reliability. The mirrorball design is different from flow cytometry and ELISA: it uses TTP Labtech’s laser scanning technology with proprietary background rejection optics to provide HTS-friendly workflows that deliver gold standard data quality for sol-R™ bead-, in-situ adherent-, or suspension cell assays.

The purpose-built system design of TTP Labtech’s mirrorball ensures reliability for:

  • gaining decision making data faster
  • confidence in the integrity of screening hits