mosquito HV: automated liquid handling of low volumes for biological assay and screen set-up

Operations such as aliquot transfer from stock plates, serial dilutions, plate preparation and replication all require accurate and repeatable pipetting, as well as meticulous sample labelling, tracking and management. Furthermore, the handling of low volumes employed in miniaturised assays significantly increases the potential for liquid handling error. In order to ensure high quality laboratory results, it is paramount to maintain accuracy and precision during the set-up of complex assays. It is unrealistic to expect this sort of time-consuming assay preparation to be performed manually in a high throughput format.

TTP Labtech’s mosquito HV has a dispensing range of 500 nL to 5 μL which successfully bridges the gap between nanolitre and microlitre transfer requirements. This enables the automated set-up of standard biological assays without the need for special labware or instrument configuration changes. mosquito HV offers extremely fast and accurate plate replication and serial dilutions. This makes it particularly applicable to workstation-based workflows. It is also capable of reformatting between different plate types in the same protocol – even from standard 96-well formats direct to high density 1536-well plates.

This technical note describes the protocol for the set-up of a bead-based assay using mosquito HV for the serial dilutions and assay plate creation.