introducing the ameon lifetime reader

TTP Labtech’s ameon® lifetime reader provides you with a new way of robust and productive primary and secondary compound screening by using fluorescence lifetime technology. Optimised for Almac’s FLEXYTE® reagents, this complete lifetime solution provides you with the reliability of biophysical technologies in a high throughput biochemical assay format.

This powerful reader, developed with major pharma and CRO partners applies a proprietary data recording technology to delivers a step change in the precision and speed of lifetime measurement (Fig 1). The result is robust, reliable data for more informed lead identification and optimisation.

With ameon, you can easily implement FLEXYTE lifetime assays into your screening workflows to reduce false positives through intrinsic tolerance of lifetime to compound interference, making ameon the most advanced lifetime reader on the market.


  • optimised for Almac FLEXYTE reagents
  • easily integrates in HTS workflows, up to 1536-well format
  • unrivalled speed and precision
  • user-friendly interface

optimised for FLEXYTE lifetime reagents

FLEXYTE lifetime reagents are a robust, antibody-free, and cost-effective screening solution based on fluorescence lifetime reporting. Through the use of the FLEX17 long lifetime fluorophore, FLEXYTE lifetime reagents can discriminate ‘real’ hits from compound interference in primary screens, making it easy to increase your drug discovery productivity.

>> Listen to the recording featuring Graham Cotton phD, Senior Group Leader at Almac Group explaining how the FLEXYTE lifetime reagents can improve the robustness and productivity of compound screening


The ameon lifetime reader’s software offers you an intuitive, workflow driven design allowing you to effortlessly define instrument parameters and protocols. There are some pre-defined, commonly used assay protocols, which can be modified to your own screening methods, or you can define new protocols, enabling you to quickly and easily set up the ameon reader.


lifetime solutions for efficient compound screening

Combining their well-established expertise in drug discovery automation plus peptide and protein engineering and manufacture, TTP Labtech and Almac have formed a strategic partnership to bring you a fully integrated fluorescence lifetime platform. The lifetime platform comprising TTP Labtech’s ameon lifetime plate reader and Almac’s FLEXYTE lifetime assays and reagents, provides a simple one-stop shop for robust, cost effective drug screening and profiling. These powerful technologies offer you reduced compound interference and fewer false leads, with the reliability normally associated with biophysical methods. Contact us today to see the benefits FLEXYTE lifetime reagents and the ameon lifetime reader can bring to your drug discovery programmes.




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