introducing FLEXYTE lifetime reagents

FLEXYTE® lifetime reagents are a robust, antibody-free, and cost effective screening solution based on fluorescence lifetime reporting. They allow you to improve the precision of your compound screening while still using your existing HTS workflows. Through the use of a longer lifetime fluorophore, FLEXYTE lifetime reagents can discriminate ‘real’ hits from compound interference in primary screens, making it easy to increase your drug discovery productivity.

So, if you’re using traditional fluorescence assays for lead discovery, and would like to stop spending time and money on additional confirmatory screens, then take a fresh look at FLEXYTE lifetime reagents.

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  • robust, reliable readouts
  • off-the-shelf reagents for hundreds of druggable targets
  • simple probe chemistries for improved assay robustness
  • homogeneous, antibody-free protocols
  • cost-effective with pricing comparable to legacy technologies
  • easy miniaturisation to 1536 format
  • validated for TTP Labtech’s ameon® lifetime reader


You can use off-the-shelf FLEXYTE lifetime reagents for unrivalled data quality FLEXYTE_Druggable_targetsand throughput in primary and secondary screens of a vast range of druggable targets (Fig 1).
For example, FLEXYTE lifetime reagents cover over 160 different protein kinases by utilising a panel of universal substrates. For other target classes, reagents can be rapidly configured to meet your specific requirements using our bespoke design services.

Fig 1. Druggable targets addressed by FLEXYTE lifetime reagents.

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Developed utilising Almac’s extensive expertise in peptide and protein engineering, chemical synthesis and design, the FLEXYTE lifetime reagents employ a proprietary long lifetime fluorophore, FLEX17. This fluorophore has a 17 nanosecond lifetime, enabling discrimination from interfering compounds, which commonly have lifetimes of less than 2 nanoseconds and are a source of false positives in intensity-based assay technologies (Fig 2).


Fig 2. The FLEXYTE lifetime tyrosine protein kinase assay platform has been developed through the design and synthesis of peptide substrates labeled with the long lifetime FLEX17 fluorophore. The presence of a tyrosine residue in the substrate sequence directly reduces the lifetime of the fluorophore. Phosphorylation of this tyrosine by a corresponding kinase alleviates this effect leading to an increase in lifetime which correlates directly with the level of phosphorylation of the substrate. FLEXYTE tyrosine kinase assays can be run in real-time or in a stopped format depending on end-user requirements.

lifetime solutions for efficient compound screening

Combining their well-established expertise in drug discovery automation plus peptide and protein engineering and manufacture, TTP Labtech and Almac have formed a strategic partnership to bring you a fully integrated fluorescence lifetime platform. The lifetime platform comprising TTP Labtech’s ameon lifetime plate reader and Almac’s FLEXYTE lifetime assays and reagents, provides a simple one-stop shop for robust, cost effective drug screening and profiling. These powerful technologies offer you reduced compound interference and fewer false leads, with the reliability normally associated with biophysical methods. Contact us today to see the benefits FLEXYTE lifetime reagents and the ameon lifetime reader can bring to your drug discovery programmes.


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