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blog: New drugs need bold approaches

Turning the screening scenario on its head The pharmaceutical industry is under immense pressure … read more >

blog: Screening methodologies

Counting compounds in or out? In the search for new drugs, the harvest of … read more >

blog: Let’s talk crystallography in Asia and Oceania

Let’s talk crystallography in Asia and Oceania. Hanoi, Vietnam will become ‘The city of … read more >

blog: No more ‘wash and wait”, now you can just ‘add and read’!

Developing complex immunoassays for antibody discovery faster using the mirrorball cytometer Have you ever wondered … read more >

blog: Unleashing the power of a single cell

TTP Labtech’s mosquito liquid handlers for automated, high-throughput, low-cost sequencing Dr. Louise Laurent (University … read more >

blog: The importance of being a consumable!

TTP Labtech’s sol-R microplate ensures confidence in your data! Consumables are goods that are … read more >

blog: news from the world of protein crystallography

read the latest labCrystal success stories from your peer crystallographers Ever wondered how you … read more >

blog: when not binding to a target’s binding site is better!

allosteric versus orthosteric binding Most drugs bind to a target’s binding site (orthosteric binding). … read more >

blog: TTP Labtech’s essential guide to ICCBM-16

With over 30 years of biennial meetings and 300+ participants, ICCBM-16 is a good … read more >

blog: DNA storage – to freeze or not to freeze?

DNA storage About 5-6 million DNA samples (nearly 10% of the UK’s population) are … read more >