acumen® Cellista: the fastest high content screening system

TTP Labtech’s acumen Cellista has your high content screening data imaged and ready in as little as 5 minutes, making it the fastest HCS system available today. This 5 minute analysis is independent of whether you’re using whole well analysis, 1, 2 or 3 colours, TIFF export, or 96-, 384- or 1536-well plates. Now that’s fast! acumen is the go-to system for phenotypic screening, where it complements existing imaging expertise and maximises workflow throughputs to:

  • profile compound libraries in hours
  • improve your data quality by using whole well imaging as standard
  • complement existing in-house imaging expertise with its OME-compliant TIFF export function
  • reduce costs through assay miniaturisation
  • maintain high throughputs by using simultaneous data capture and analysis.

acumen Cellista can easily achieve throughputs of over 300,000 wells per day, when applied to the quantitative analysis of a broad range of biological applications. The system also has the flexibility to tackle hard-to-automate assays, offering an easy route to:

  • cell cycle analysis
  • 3D cell culture assays
  • rare event detection
  • multiplexed cell health assays

TTP Labtech’s acumen Cellista brings the robust data, ease of use and high throughputs associated with HTS to the whole well, and in a high content format required in today’s drug discovery research

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