acumen® Cellista: smart phenotypic screening

TTP Labtech’s acumen® Cellista is the go-to system for phenotypic screening, delivering the robust data and high throughputs to the physiologically relevant format required by today’s drug discovery research.

Printsave time acumen Cellista has your high content screening data imaged and ready in as little as 5 minutes, making it the fastest HCS system available today. analysis times are independent of whether you’re using whole well analysis, 1, 2 or 3 colours, TIFF export, or 96-, 384- or 1536-well plates. Now that’s fast!


Printoptimise data output acumen Cellista employs cytometric principles to rapidly obtain and analyse high quality imaging data “on the fly”. Additionally, acumen Cellista can simultaneously export whole well open-source TIFF files without detriment to its rapid scan times, or needed subsequent image stitching.


acumen_wells-to-cells_iconmaximise your imaging investment Effective triaging means you can accelerate your hit finding across a variety of workflows. In only 5 minutes per plate, you can gain multiplexed cytometric data while simultaneously feeding your current image analysis software with whole well TIFFs, or generating hit lists for secondary high resolution imaging.

acumen Cellista can easily achieve throughputs of over 300,000 wells per day, when applied to the quantitative analysis of a broad range of biological applications. The system also has the flexibility to tackle hard-to-automate assays, offering an easy route to:

  • cell cycle analysis
  • 3D cell culture assays
  • rare event detection
  • multiplexed cell health assays

TTP Labtech’s acumen Cellista complements existing imaging expertise and maximises workflow throughputs to:

  • profile compound libraries in hours
  • improve your data quality by using whole well imaging as standard
  • capture OME-compliant TIFF images
  • reduce costs through assay miniaturisation
  • maintain high throughputs by using simultaneous data capture and analysis


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