mirrorball®: antibody screening on a plate

The mirrorball® high sensitivity cytometer represents one of the most versatile instruments available for antibody screening. The system embodies TTP Labtech’s laser scanning technology and enables streamlined workflows for unprecedented levels of throughput. mirrorball is the only system offering the benefits of mix-and-read assay protocols. This contrasts with traditional methods such as ELISA and flow cytometry, which can represent a bottleneck in the antibody discovery process as they require lengthy, multi-step preparation stages, large cell numbers and amounts of costly reagents. By offering analysis of samples in microplates without washing or flow-based detection, mirrorball is able to address soluble and cell-surface antigens expressed on adherent and suspension cell lines and thus represents a complete screening solution.

mirrorball is a powerful alternative to ELISA and flow cytometry providing many benefits:



The combination of mix-and-read protocols, automation-friendly software and robotics allows mirroball to deliver simply unbeatable throughput and sensitivity.



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