liquid handling

TTP Labtech’s liquid handling portfolio

Our liquid handlers provide you with precise and repeatable nanolitre pipetting, every time, irrespective of liquid viscosity or environmental conditions.


mosquito crystal mosquito HTS mosquito  HV mosquito LCP mosquito  X1

dragonfly crystal

pipetting range 25 nL -1.2 μL 25 nL -1.2 μL 500 nL – 5 μL 25 nL -1.2 μL 25 nL -1.2 μL or 500 nL – 5 μL 0.5 µL – 4 mL
applications protein crystallography set-ups, additive screening, microseeding, microbatch, bicelles miniaturises screening applications such as assay-ready plate preparation, reformatting and serial dilutions, PCR, qPCR serial dilution, creation of acoustic source plates, reformatting, PCR, qPCR lipidic cubic phase (LCP) screening plus all the functionality of mosquito Crystal provides walk-away “hit picking” from any individual well or location, assays on slides protein crystal optimisation and assay development without contamination or liquid classification

for protein crystallisation

  • mosquito crystal automates protein crystallisation vapour diffusion set-ups, additive screening and microseeding – pipetting in the 25 nL–1,200 nL range
  • mosquito LCP offers a fully automated solution to lipidic cubic phase (LCP) screening plus all the functionality of mosquito Crystal – pipetting in the 25 nL– 1,200 nL range
  • dragonfly crystal gives simple and accurate screen optimisation with the freedom to use any liquid type and any volume from 0.5 µL upwards, with no need for washing or liquid classification

for assay miniaturisation in screening and genomics

  • mosquito HTS  Miniaturises screening applications (pipetting in the 25 nL–1.2 μL range) such as assay-ready plate preparation, reformatting and serial dilutions, as well as molecular biology applications such as NGS sample prep, qPCR and enzymatic digestion reactions
  • mosquito X1 Single-channel mosquito for walk-away hit picking from any well in any plate, with pipetting volumes from 25 nL–1.2 μL
  • mosquito HV Bridging the gap between nanolitre and microlitre pipetting by pipetting in the 500 nL–5 µL range

TTP Labtech’s mosquito liquid handling portfolio offers you:

  • amazing performance across the range, from nanolitres to microlitres
  • guaranteed zero cross-contamination
  • accurate sample placement for perfect drop dispensing every time
  • cost-savings from optimised sample use and reduced waste
  • proven suitability for multiple-user environments – just walk up and use it

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