screen optimisation with dragonfly®  

TTP Labtech’s dragonfly® screen optimiser enables complex assay gradients or optimisation screens to be rapidly and accurately prepared, even with viscous liquids, while eliminating cross-contamination.

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dragonfly provides the freedom to use any liquid type, regardless of viscosity, without the need for liquid classification. Each disposable pipette works independently to dispense any volume into any well, with no cross-contamination, eliminating the need for tip washing. Screen preparation is quick, and a four-ingredient 96-well gradient plate can be dispensed in less than 5 minutes.

dragonfly is the ideal system to complement TTP Labtech’s mosquito® in the protein crystallisation workflow. Once the initial crystal ‘hits’ are identified, dragonfly optimises the set of conditions to grow better diffracting crystals.

TTP Labtech’s dragonfly screen optimiser is simple to set up and operate, just like TTP Labtech’s mosquito. Only minimal training is needed, so new users can be proficient in less than 10 minutes.

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This product is protected by UK Patent Numbers 2511644 and 2504333. Also, by US Patent Number 9,352,319.


>>Crystallography platforms for iterative protein-ligand complex determination


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