protein crystallisation screening with mosquito® Crystal

TTP Labtech’s mosquito Crystal is the protein crystallographer’s favourite robot. It makes protein crystallisation screening faster, more cost-effective and quite simply easier than ever before.

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With mosquito Crystal, you can use smaller volumes of precious protein sample with no risk of cross contamination. This results in cost savings and allows more extensive screening. You can automate all the popular protein crystallisation screening techniques – hanging drop, sitting drop and microbatch as well as seeding or additive screening plate preparation – without the need to make set-up changes to the instrument.

mosquito’s accuracy and repeatability means you can place drops centrally in the sub-wells of sitting drop plates every time. Precise drop placement facilitates automated plate imaging, thus making your protein crystals easier to identify.

TTP Labtech’s mosquito Crystal also allows you to create several multiple component drops per well in 96-well hanging drop set-ups, allowing you to assess different protein concentrations, ligands or complexes at the same time.

mosquito’s unique nanolitre liquid handling technology can perform multiple aspirations before a single dispense, which is essential for automating seeding and direct addition of additive screens to the drops. You can even dispense a combination of solutions simultaneously – with additional mixing if required – ensuring perfect drop formation for optimal protein crystallisation.



>>Crystallography platforms for iterative protein-ligand complex determination

>>A crystallisation strategy focussed on a high throughput seeding technique


mosquito® accessories & spares

  • plate seal holder for hanging drop preparations
  • calibration block for optimising mosquito set up
  • guide base for positioning  hanging drop seal onto reservoir plate
  • pipette tape spool cover to protect tips from environmental  particles
  • 4-position ultra low reagent holder to conserve valuable sample

active humidity chamber

Sample evaporation can be a problem when dispensing very low volumes or volatile samples, causing inconsistent drop sizes, especially when environmental conditions and local humidity vary.

mosquito’s active humidity chamber reduces experimental inconsistencies caused by variation in the humidity in the environment, by offering the offering the following benefits:

  • accurate control of the relative humidity (RH) of each experiment
  • enables up to a 90% reduction in drop evaporation
  • it takes only a few minutes to reach high levels of humidity (80-90% RH)
  • precisely controlled form within mosquito software (version permitting)

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mist rolling over the plate in the chamber

mist rolling over the plate in the chamber

automated plate processing

After receiving numerous requests to integrate mosquito with other equipment such as plate sealers, peelers and stackers into a compact bench top workcell, we have developed the mosquito Plate Processor (MoPP) to allow unattended operating for long periods.

The system uses the popular PreciseFlex SCARA plate handling robot and Revolution scheduler, for easy reconfiguration and exceptional reliability. A variety of third party equipment can be integrated with any of our mosquito liquid handlers. Contact us if you have any specific needs or questions.

integrated mosquito plate processor

If you would like more information or to order any of the accessories found on this page, please email

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