applications – protein crystallography

TTP Labtech’s mosquito Crystal is used for a wide range of protein crystallography applications. It allows users to accurately pipette even highly viscous liquids, and use smaller volumes of precious protein sample with no risk of cross contamination, resulting in cost savings and allowing more extensive screening.

You can automate all the popular protein crystallography techniques:

  • hanging drop
  • sitting drop
  • microbatch
  • seeding
  • additive screening
  • automated LCP mixture additions
  • bicelle

There is no need to make set-up changes to the mosquito instrument when changing technique – simply select the new protocol and run.

hanging drop

mosquito Crystal makes automating hanging drop set-ups easy, as it can mirror the screen drops onto the plate seal which is then inverted and sealed over the wells.

sitting drop

For sitting drop, mosquito Crystal’s precise and repeatable pipetting ensures accurate drop-on-drop placement in the centre of sub-wells. This faciliates automated imaging, and also avoids drops wicking up the well walls.


For microbatch set-ups, TTPLabtech’s mosquito Crystal ensures that screen and protein drops always combine because both protein and screen solutions can be aspirated consecutively within the same tip and then to be pipetted directly through oil.

microseeding and additive screening

For microseeding and additive screening, a similar technique of performing multiple aspirations before pipetting a combined drop means that mosquito Crystal’s plate set-up time is less than 3 minutes and no protein or seed stock is wasted.

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